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Outreachy internship wrap-up !

rpm-ostree My Outreachy intership is ending and it’s a good time to look back and see my progress in this period. It’s been an experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to step into contributing to open source. It was very rewarding personally and also about the progress of my skills and confidence. … Continue reading Outreachy internship wrap-up !

My career goals

I’m a computer science student with special interest in working on open source. I have a background on history of art, museums and culture which is quite eclectic, but gives me a unique perspective over things. Currently I’m an Outreachy intern. This experience is teaching me what I need to dedicate my career to open … Continue reading My career goals

Mid-point project progress

This is a review of the progress I’ve done so far at my Outreachy project: Support repo overrides in rpm-ostree, Outreachy project at rpm-ostree, with the support of my mentors, Fedora’s community and Outreachy’s foundation. If you still don’t know what’s the project about you can check my previous post. Summarizing we want to allow … Continue reading Mid-point project progress