Mid-point project progress

This is a review of the progress I’ve done so far at my Outreachy project: Support repo overrides in rpm-ostree, Outreachy project at rpm-ostree, with the support of my mentors, Fedora’s community and Outreachy’s foundation. If you still don’t know what’s the project about you can check my previous post. Summarizing we want to allow … Continue reading Mid-point project progress

Support repo overrides in rpm-ostree, Outreachy project

We have already talked about what’s rpm-ostree, but now I’d like to show you more about the project I’m developing in this Outreachy season. So being a “Hybrid image/package system for host operating system updates“, it interacts with packages. And the project is related with how rpm-ostree gets the data of those packages for some … Continue reading Support repo overrides in rpm-ostree, Outreachy project

Rafael G. Ruiz – razaloc

Hi, I’m  a computer science student from Seville, Spain. Some years ago I graduated with a degree in art history and then I decided to study computer science. After looking around all projects from this Outreachy season I chose to contribute to rpm-ostree. I found an issue marked as friendly and I asked for it. … Continue reading Rafael G. Ruiz – razaloc